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Name ASIA (click to view pedigree)
Owner Unknown
Breeder Ernesto Di Maio ( Dell'Anteler)
Gender female
father TIGRE
mother SONIA
Picture Unknown
Ped# LI0059776
Extra titles
DOB 1999/11/20
Colour Brindle/Tigrato
HD unknown
ED Unknown
Date of death Unknown
Other healthscores
Inbred percentage 12.5 %
10 Animals found.
Name Ped# Titles DOB Colour HD Date of death
ALBA DELL'ANTELER LI0260956 2001/11/04 Unknown unknown Unknown
ANTA DELL'ANTELER LI0260958 2001/11/04 Unknown unknown Unknown
BALY DELL'ANTELER LI031866 2002/07/15 Grey brindle/Grigio tigrato unknown Unknown
BELINDA DELL'ANTELER LI0260959 2001/11/04 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
BELLA DELL'ANTELER LI031867 2002/07/15 Unknown unknown Unknown
BION DELL'ANTELER LI0338413 2002/07/15 Unknown unknown Unknown
BORIS DELL'ANTELER LI0260955 2001/11/04 Unknown unknown Unknown
DALILA DELL'ANTELER LI031869 2002/07/15 Unknown unknown Unknown
SANSONE DELL'ANTELER LI031868 2002/07/15 Unknown unknown Unknown
TAISON DELL'ANTELER LI0260954 2001/11/04 Grey/Grigio unknown Unknown
Brothers and sisters
3 Animals found.
Name Ped# Titles DOB Colour HD Date of death
BOB LI0059775 1999/11/20 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
DILAN LI0059774 1999/11/20 Grey/Grigio unknown Unknown
NERINA LI0059777 1999/11/20 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
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