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Name MACUMBA (click to view pedigree)
Owner Unknown
Breeder Enrico Spinelli
Gender female
father BRUTUS
mother VIOLA
Picture Unknown
Ped# LI09145544
Extra titles
DOB 2009/08/05
Colour Black brindle/Nero tigrato
HD unknown
ED Unknown
Date of death Unknown
Other healthscores
Inbred percentage 11.5341 %
8 Animals found.
Name Ped# Titles DOB Colour HD Date of death
AIKO LO1315284 2012/11/03 Unknown unknown Unknown
BIA LO1315280 2012/11/03 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
BOR LO1315285 2012/11/03 Unknown unknown Unknown
DELIZIA LO1315279 2012/11/03 Fulvo unknown Unknown
KING LO1315276 2012/11/03 Fulvo unknown Unknown
LINA LO1315283 2012/11/03 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
ROSA LO1315278 2012/11/03 Unknown unknown Unknown
SARA LO1315273 2012/11/03 Unknown unknown Unknown
Brothers and sisters
3 Animals found.
Name Ped# Titles DOB Colour HD Date of death
BRAVA LI09145546 2009/08/05 Fulvo unknown Unknown
ETTORE LI09145541 2009/08/05 Unknown unknown Unknown
LUNA LI09145542 2009/08/05 Unknown unknown Unknown
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