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Name JOLLI (click to view pedigree)
Owner Unknown
Breeder Giuseppe Bergantino
Gender male
father TEQUILA
mother GEMMA
Picture Unknown
Ped# AG95L5794
Extra titles
DOB 1995/05/15
Colour Brindle/Tigrato
HD unknown
ED Unknown
Date of death Unknown
Other healthscores
Inbred percentage 0 %
9 Animals found.
Name Ped# Titles DOB Colour HD Date of death
ARAS LI99126275 1999/01/05 Fawn/Fulvo HD A Unknown
ARBA LI99126274 1999/01/05 Black brindle/Nero tigrato HD A Unknown
AREX LI99126268 1999/01/05 Unknown unknown Unknown
ARLEY LI99126273 1999/01/05 Unknown unknown Unknown
ARON LI99126272 1999/01/05 Unknown unknown Unknown
ARTEA LI99126276 1999/01/05 Fawn/Fulvo unknown Unknown
ARTON LI99126270 1999/01/05 Unknown unknown Unknown
JADA LI98101705 1997/11/10 Unknown unknown Unknown
JURY LI98101703 1997/11/10 Unknown unknown Unknown
Brothers and sisters
11 Animals found.
Name Ped# Titles DOB Colour HD Date of death
ATHOS AG96L7415 1996/01/12 Unknown unknown Unknown
BOSS AG96L7416 1996/01/12 Unknown unknown Unknown
DALILA AG96L7419 1996/01/12 Fulvo blue mask/Fulvo maschera grigio unknown Unknown
DENNY AG95L5795 1995/05/15 Black brindle/Nero tigrato unknown Unknown
MARVIN AG95L5793 1995/05/15 Black brindle/Nero tigrato unknown Unknown
MOIRA AG96L7420 1996/01/12 Unknown unknown Unknown
NERONE AG96L7417 1996/01/12 Unknown unknown Unknown
RUDY AG96L7414 1996/01/12 Unknown unknown Unknown
SASHA AG96L7418 1996/01/12 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
YONCIE AG95L5796 1995/05/15 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
ZEUS AG96L7413 1996/01/12 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
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