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Virtual Mating
By calculating the coefficients of Kinship, Relationship and Inbreeding for any combination of father and mother in the database a lot of statistical information can be shown about the potential children.

This so called "Virtual Mating" can help you make a correct combination by calculating the inbred percentage (coi% or ci%) of potential children. You will be able to see how the (potential) parents relate to each other and which ancestors have the greatist influence on the chosen combination.

To start off with you need to select the parents of the virtual litter.
To complete these complex calculations at least the four grandparents need to have been entered into the database. If one of the parents is not shown in the list below it is possible that the pedigree is not "complete" enough to do a proper inbreeding calculation. The more ancestors in the pedigree the better these calculations become. The calculations go back 8 generations so it is important to make the pedigree as complete as possible.
Select the mother for the virtual mating.
Chosen father : ACHILLE

Select the mother
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Name Ped# Titles DOB Date of death
ZACCARIA LI0776473 2007/01/01 Unknown
ZADRA LI0596210 2005/04/04 Unknown
ZADRA CRAZY CLAN PKR.II- 129056 2016/07/14 Unknown
ZAFFIRA DELL'ANTICO CERBERUS LO1383130 2012/12/12 Unknown
ZAFFY LI1038833 2009/02/26 Unknown
ZAFIRA LI04130572 2004/06/20 Unknown
ZAFIRA NHSB 2905170 2012/11/22 Unknown
ZAFIRA DEI RE DI ROMA LI06107258 ; PKR II-89686 MŁ.CH.PL. 2006/02/23 Unknown
ZAGARA LO12156082 2012/09/01 Unknown
ZAGARA DI GRAN BURRONE LO1560315 2015/02/10 Unknown
ZAHARA LI09168117 2009/08/15 Unknown
ZAHARI DELLA NEVAIA LI1157319 2011/01/23 Unknown
ZAHIRA-NAKBA DELLA PORTA DIPINTA LI11106365 2011/05/08 Unknown
ZAIA LI10173298 2010/04/16 Unknown
ZAIA LI11155993 2011/09/01 Unknown
ZAICA DELLA PORTA DIPINTA LI11106367 2011/05/08 Unknown
ZAIDAHYLEN DELLA PORTA DIPINTA LI11106361 2011/05/08 Unknown
ZAIRA LI0368595 2003/01/03 Unknown
ZAIRA AG96L7333 1996/01/11 Unknown
ZAIRA LI01123460 2000/03/19 Unknown
ZAIRA LI99104608 1998/12/30 Unknown
ZAIRA LI9910721 1998/05/28 Unknown
ZAIRA LI99158619 1999/04/14 Unknown
ZAIRA LI99180887 1999/06/12 Unknown
ZAIRA LI9990190 1998/10/20 Unknown
ZAIRA LI042560 2003/07/22 Unknown
ZAIRA AG96L7328 1995/06/02 Unknown
ZAIRA LI0093512 2000/03/24 Unknown
ZAIRA LI99114702 1998/11/08 Unknown
ZAIRA LI99114062 1998/08/29 Unknown
ZAIRA LI9974439 1998/09/30 Unknown
ZAIRA LI087409 2006/10/30 Unknown
ZAIRA LI10151115 2010/04/18 Unknown
ZAIRA LI0883722 2007/09/01 Unknown
ZAIRA LI0378218 2003/02/02 Unknown
ZAIRA AG97L8948 1996/09/11 Unknown
ZAIRA LI025247 1999/09/20 Unknown
ZAIRA LI0243192 2001/11/05 Unknown
ZAIRA LI0677907 2006/01/18 Unknown
ZAIRA LI0776470 2007/01/01 Unknown
ZAIRA LI02159639 2002/07/01 Unknown
ZAIRA LI009477 1999/09/16 Unknown
ZAIRA LI01119891 2000/12/05 Unknown
ZAIRA LI99175155 1999/05/25 Unknown
ZAIRA LI0638442 2005/10/10 Unknown
ZAIRA LI06112853 2006/04/10 Unknown
ZAIRA LI0240339 2001/11/25 Unknown
ZAIRA LI0143515 2000/08/25 Unknown
ZAIRA AG97L8362 1995/09/19 Unknown
ZAIRA LI048498 2003/09/06 Unknown
ZAIRA LI02166332 2002/08/10 Unknown
ZAIRA LI0660787 2005/11/14 Unknown
ZAIRA LI124380 2011/10/14 Unknown
ZAIRA LI1235835 2011/12/22 Unknown
ZAIRA LI0267881 2001/10/20 Unknown
ZAIRA LI0644647 2005/10/05 Unknown
ZAIRA LI0362518 2002/12/30 Unknown
ZAIRA LI0327068 2002/09/06 Unknown
ZAIRA LI10154437 2010/01/24 Unknown
ZAIRA LI1159621 2011/02/10 Unknown
ZAIRA LI09169769 2009/10/18 Unknown
ZAIRA LI1087850 2010/01/01 Unknown
ZAIRA LO1321212 2012/07/06 Unknown
ZAIRA LO1359403 2013/02/24 Unknown
ZAIRA LO1573127 2015/03/05 Unknown
ZAIRA LI0922746 2008/04/06 Unknown
ZAIRA LO13159135 2013/08/26 Unknown
ZAIRA LO16122733 2016/05/05 Unknown
ZAIRA LI13128218 2013/07/09 Unknown
ZAIRA LI11129416 2011/07/11 Unknown
ZAIRA LO1358690 2013/02/17 Unknown
ZAIRA LO1355809 2013/02/19 Unknown
ZAIRA LO1353595 2013/01/25 Unknown
ZAIRA LI1099079 2010/03/25 Unknown
ZAIRA LO13140932 2013/07/01 Unknown
ZAIRA LO1511268 2014/10/17 Unknown
ZAIRA LO16134150 2016/06/08 Unknown
ZAIRA LO1742794 2017/01/02 Unknown
ZAIRA DEI CORSI DELLA VALMOREA LI09166645 2009/10/15 Unknown
ZAIRA DEI MOLOSSI DELL'ANGRA LI0552904 2004/10/28 Unknown
ZAIRA DEI MOLOSSI DELL'ANGRA LO15143352 2015/08/14 Unknown
ZAIRA DEI MOLOSSI DI TORRALTA LI05118667 2005/07/03 Unknown
ZAIRA DELL'ANTICO CERBERUS LI9939246 1998/07/01 Unknown
ZAIRA DELL'ANTICO CERBERUS LO1383129 2012/12/12 Unknown
ZAIRA DELL'ANTICO CERBERUS LI0343156 2002/10/08 Unknown
ZAIRA DELLA PORTA DIPINTA LI0858181 2007/07/27 Unknown
ZAIRA DI CASA MATTIA LI0540582 2004/08/28 Unknown
ZAIRA II LO13116126 2013/05/03 Unknown
ZAIRA PAMELA'S HOEVE NHSB 2863096 2011/11/30 Unknown
ZAIRHA LO143987 2013/10/16 Unknown
ZAKIA CUSTODI NOS S60356/2008 2007/07/11 Unknown
ZAKIRA PLANETA ZVEZD UKU 0073637 2010/08/30 Unknown
ZALA LI0329416 2002/10/23 Unknown
ZALA LO1542046 2015/01/08 Unknown
ZALENIA LI1057138 2009/07/10 Unknown
ZALKIRIYA RKF 2874569 JCH.RUS 2010/10/18 Unknown
ZAM ZAM GÅRDEN CICILLIA SE20123/2011 2011/02/16 Unknown
ZAM ZAM GÅRDEN CLARA SE20122/2011 2011/02/16 Unknown
ZAM ZAM GÅRDEN ESTER SE55424/2011 2011/09/09 Unknown
ZAM ZAM GÅRDEN IRENA SE55426/2011 2011/09/09 Unknown
ZAM ZAM GÅRDEN IROSA SE55428/2011 2011/09/09 Unknown
ZAM ZAM GÅRDEN ISIDORA SE55425/2011 2011/09/09 Unknown
ZAM ZAM GÅRDEN IVONA SE55427/2011 2011/09/09 Unknown
ZAMA AG96L7448 1996/01/05 Unknown
ZAMA DELL'ANTICO CERBERUS LI99127271 1998/12/15 Unknown
ZAMBIA LI0154221 2000/09/05 Unknown
ZAMBIA LI0138433 2000/07/25 Unknown
ZAMBIA LI0240340 2001/11/25 Unknown
ZAMBIA DI CASA CESARO LI16127990 2016/05/31 Unknown
ZAMBIA TEMPI PASSATI FI38877/14; HR10410CC 2013/08/26 Unknown
ZAMORA CUSTODI NOS MR 50167 2007/07/11 Unknown
ZAMPA LI0013891 1999/05/06 Unknown
ZAMPA LI0922743 2008/04/06 Unknown
ZAMPA LO1423968 2013/11/26 Unknown
ZAMPA LO15112373 2015/05/29 Unknown
ZAMUNDA LI0434752 2003/10/20 Unknown
ZAMZAM GÅRDEN ZITA SE14038/2013 2013/01/10 Unknown
ZANA LI0037302 1999/01/15 Unknown
ZANA GUARDINA DI SOLE JR 73265 CC 2011/06/27 Unknown
ZANDA LI0241522 2001/06/20 Unknown
ZANDY NHSB 2325401 2000/03/09 Unknown
ZANITA LI013384 2000/03/24 Unknown
ZANNA AG97L8273 1996/07/24 Unknown
ZANNA LI9984871 1998/09/08 Unknown
ZANNA LI0938660 2008/05/13 Unknown
ZANNA LI10182464 2010/08/14 Unknown
ZANNA LI08117233 2007/10/30 Unknown
ZANNA LO1644350 2016/01/21 Unknown
ZANNA DELL'ANTICO CERBERUS LO1383122 2012/12/12 Unknown
ZANTHE CUSTODI NOS JR80114CC ; LO08108062 2007/07/11 Unknown
ZANTHIA LI0284809 2001/12/20 Unknown
ZANZIBAR DI GRAN BURRONE LO1560311 2015/02/10 Unknown
ZAR HAKAN BEYLIZ RKF 2102314 2007/08/01 Unknown
ZARA LI0221569 2001/09/22 Unknown
ZARA LI01183342 2001/06/04 Unknown
ZARA LI04117445 2004/06/06 Unknown
ZARA LI0727563 2006/09/14 Unknown
ZARA LI0015907 1999/09/22 Unknown
ZARA LI0242535 2001/11/29 Unknown
ZARA LI0913027 2007/12/08 Unknown
ZARA LI01168547 2001/01/18 Unknown
ZARA LI01204250 2001/04/25 Unknown
ZARA LO9931088 1998/08/27 Unknown
ZARA LI0192985 2001/01/05 Unknown
ZARA LI01158933 2001/05/20 Unknown
ZARA LI03107362 ; S26787/2006 2003/03/14 Unknown
ZARA AG96L5989 1995/06/18 Unknown
ZARA LI9910550 1998/05/05 Unknown
ZARA LI9910720 1998/05/28 Unknown
ZARA LI0045323 1999/11/23 Unknown
ZARA AG96L6348 1995/07/13 Unknown
ZARA LI9931321 1998/06/24 Unknown
ZARA AG96L7586 1995/12/15 Unknown
ZARA LI0791927 2007/02/13 Unknown
ZARA LI0371779 2002/10/04 Unknown
ZARA LI0618429 2005/07/20 Unknown
ZARA LI0170558 2000/09/07 Unknown
ZARA LI04126807 2003/11/05 Unknown
ZARA LI0034565 1998/09/20 Unknown
ZARA LI0361550 2003/02/05 Unknown
ZARA LI99114703 1998/11/08 Unknown
ZARA LI0414308 2003/08/14 Unknown
ZARA LI03115513 2003/05/16 Unknown
ZARA LI0238953 2001/10/24 Unknown
ZARA LI99135309 1999/01/01 Unknown
ZARA LI0426968 2003/11/07 Unknown
ZARA LI04132258 2004/07/03 Unknown
ZARA RKF 1191611 YYYY/MM/DD Unknown
ZARA LI1169937 2011/03/15 Unknown
ZARA LI1014289 2009/02/19 Unknown
ZARA LI0189270 2000/12/10 Unknown
ZARA LI99196763 1996/09/28 Unknown
ZARA LI9894111 1997/10/25 Unknown
ZARA LI09103816 2008/09/20 Unknown
ZARA LI0116346 2000/04/23 Unknown
ZARA LI99184861 1999/05/27 Unknown
ZARA LI013374 2000/03/24 Unknown
ZARA LI0077140 2000/01/11 Unknown
ZARA LI0194396 2000/10/07 Unknown
ZARA LI0696988 2006/03/11 Unknown
ZARA LI9930405 1998/06/13 Unknown
ZARA LI0387505 2002/09/21 Unknown
ZARA LI98124837 1998/01/09 Unknown
ZARA LI99186576 1999/06/12 Unknown
ZARA AG96L6804 1995/01/07 Unknown
ZARA LI98104245 1997/10/30 Unknown
ZARA LI0565075 2005/01/10 Unknown
ZARA LI01150133 2000/09/07 Unknown
ZARA LI0370199 2003/02/10 Unknown
ZARA AG96L7335 1996/01/11 Unknown
ZARA LI9973765 1998/09/25 Unknown
ZARA LI0351928 2002/07/22 Unknown
ZARA LI0338794 2002/11/02 Unknown
ZARA LI0540445 2004/09/21 Unknown
ZARA LI0772113 2007/01/06 Unknown
ZARA LI0491674 2004/04/16 Unknown
ZARA LI03156901 2003/07/01 Unknown
ZARA LI0852231 2007/05/25 Unknown
ZARA LI0077526 1999/11/25 Unknown
ZARA LI009475 1999/09/16 Unknown
ZARA AG97L0018 1996/09/27 Unknown
ZARA LI01185981 2001/06/15 Unknown
ZARA LI0253600 2001/12/28 Unknown
ZARA LI00111826 200/03/25 Unknown
ZARA LI0682191 2006/01/01 Unknown
ZARA LI09109789 2012/09/28 Unknown
ZARA LI01105085 2001/01/26 Unknown
ZARA LI0258205 2001/12/14 Unknown
ZARA LI0273961 2002/03/01 Unknown
ZARA LI0086100 1999/11/22 Unknown
ZARA AG97L8360 1995/09/19 Unknown
ZARA LI0486802 2004/02/12 Unknown
ZARA LI0749718 2006/10/25 Unknown
ZARA AG97L8967 1996/10/03 Unknown
ZARA LI0644648 2005/10/05 Unknown
ZARA LI03133793 2003/05/25 Unknown
ZARA LI0644680 2005/10/04 Unknown
ZARA LI0357515 2003/01/29 Unknown
ZARA LI02101307 2002/04/09 Unknown
ZARA LI0572709 2005/01/05 Unknown
ZARA AG97L9897 1997/01/20 Unknown
ZARA LI03115184 2003/05/19 Unknown
ZARA LI0014197 1999/04/26 Unknown
ZARA LI0167980 2000/09/21 Unknown
ZARA LI01113422 2001/02/17 Unknown
ZARA LI01135798 2001/04/20 Unknown
ZARA LI10117613 2010/02/15 Unknown
ZARA LI0655330 2005/10/13 Unknown
ZARA LI0247403 2001/11/13 Unknown
ZARA LI0688704 2006/03/03 Unknown
ZARA LI0722294 2006/02/26 Unknown
ZARA LI0546284 2004/09/20 Unknown
ZARA LI02127674 2002/05/12 Unknown
ZARA LI03105847 2003/04/10 Unknown
ZARA LI09137845 2009/04/03 Unknown
ZARA LO1334188 2012/12/22 Unknown
ZARA LI10154441 2010/01/24 Unknown
ZARA LI09106877 2008/07/24 Unknown
ZARA LI0447615 2003/12/21 Unknown
ZARA LI0938664 2008/05/13 Unknown
ZARA LI03151257 2003/07/11 Unknown
ZARA LI0689612 2006/01/12 Unknown
ZARA LI1352044 2013/02/24 Unknown
ZARA LI0689936 2006/03/16 Unknown
ZARA LI1030808 2009/03/14 Unknown
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