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Virtual Mating
By calculating the coefficients of Kinship, Relationship and Inbreeding for any combination of father and mother in the database a lot of statistical information can be shown about the potential children.

This so called "Virtual Mating" can help you make a correct combination by calculating the inbred percentage (coi% or ci%) of potential children. You will be able to see how the (potential) parents relate to each other and which ancestors have the greatist influence on the chosen combination.

To start off with you need to select the parents of the virtual litter.
To complete these complex calculations at least the four grandparents need to have been entered into the database. If one of the parents is not shown in the list below it is possible that the pedigree is not "complete" enough to do a proper inbreeding calculation. The more ancestors in the pedigree the better these calculations become. The calculations go back 8 generations so it is important to make the pedigree as complete as possible.
Select the mother for the virtual mating.
Chosen father : YORK

Select the mother
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Name Ped# Titles DOB Colour HD Date of death
EVA DI CASTELL'ANSELMO LI0860314 2007/06/22 Brindle/Tigrato HD A Unknown
EVA DI PAIANELLO LO14151678 2014/08/13 Unknown unknown Unknown
EVA GONZALES DEI CORSARI DEL LIDO LO14128335 2014/06/22 Black/Nero HD B Unknown
EVA HENGER LO13147677 2013/08/24 Grey/Grigio unknown Unknown
EVA KANT LO13119835 2013/06/15 Unknown unknown Unknown
EVA NERO DAVOLAS STRAJANO SE30746/2013 2012/10/05 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
EVA RE CORSO LO1549068 2015/01/25 Unknown unknown Unknown
EVA SAXELLUM LI0239297 2001/09/20 Unknown unknown Unknown
EVA SCHICCHI DELL'IMPERO MAYA LO1324843 2012/12/20 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
EVAKANT LI0460435 2004/03/24 Unknown unknown Unknown
EVAKANT LO1328660 2012/12/22 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
EVAKANT DEI MOLOSSI DELLO JONIO LO1741930 2017/01/24 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
EVALEPORE DELLA VALLE DEI LORD LO17152338 2017/07/10 Unknown unknown Unknown
EVALINA DEL ECOUSSE WS53915907 CGN, HIT 2016/06/01 Black brindle/Nero tigrato unknown Unknown
EVANGELINA DELLA PORTA DIPINTA LO17147635 2017/06/28 Unknown unknown Unknown
EVE LO1626606 2015/12/20 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
EVEGA LI0554490 2004/10/11 Unknown unknown Unknown
EVEKANT LI0171029 2000/07/03 Unknown unknown Unknown
EVELIN AG96L6412 1995/07/19 Black brindle/Nero tigrato unknown Unknown
EVELIN LI99145090 1999/05/04 Unknown unknown Unknown
EVELIN RODIS MARADOM SPKP 1170 SVV1 ; GR.CH SK; CH SK 2012/12/08 Black/Nero HD A Unknown
EVELINA LO15176710 2015/06/13 Unknown unknown Unknown
EVELINA DEL ROSSO MALPELO LO15116025 2015/07/04 Unknown unknown Unknown
EVELINE LI1074139 2010/02/15 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
EVELYN LO15164174 2015/08/25 Grey/Grigio unknown Unknown
EVELYN LI11152691 2011/08/26 Fulvo unknown Unknown
EVELYN CORSO DI MUNTEANU JR 73648 Cc ; KIF-CC-0148 2011/09/23 Fulvo black mask/Fulvo maschera nera unknown Unknown
EVELYN DELLA PORTA DIPINTA LI03119531 ; CMKU/CC 00643/03/03 2003/06/10 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
EVELYN DI CASA LATORRE LO1667999 2016/02/19 Unknown unknown Unknown
EVELYNE DE NOBIL ROSE COR A 1321-10/343 2010/09/29 Black/Nero HD E Unknown
EVER FOREWER DEL ORTE M.L. PKR II-103761 J.CH.PL, CH.PL, CLUB WINNER 2010/04/20 Grey brindle/Grigio tigrato unknown Unknown
EVER LOVE RAYLA DI CORS LOE2275710 ; LO16113716 2015/10/10 Black/Nero HD A Unknown
EVEREST LO16112766 2016/04/27 Unknown unknown Unknown
EVI ALSH 0063451 2005/11/05 Unknown unknown Unknown
EVI SE56979/2018 2018/10/05 Fulvo unknown Unknown
EVIA LI03107948 2003/06/14 Unknown unknown Unknown
EVIA LO12128223 2012/07/06 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
EVIL EYE KIRA S45598/99 1999/07/14 Unknown HD E Unknown
EVIL EYE KYISA S45597/99 1999/07/14 Unknown HD C Unknown
EVIL EYE MARA S19833/2000 2000/02/02 Unknown unknown Unknown
EVIL EYE MERCURY S19832/2000 2000/02/02 Unknown unknown Unknown
EVIL EYE MIKO S19831/2000 2000/02/02 Unknown HD E Unknown
EVIL EYE MOKI S19834/2000 2000/02/02 Unknown unknown Unknown
EVIL EYE NETTI S27542/2000 2000/03/09 Unknown HD E Unknown
EVIL EYE NIM S27543/2000 2000/03/09 Unknown HD E Unknown
EVITA LI0076268 2000/03/04 Unknown unknown Unknown
EVITA NHSB 2645662 2007/02/27 Fulvo HD A Unknown
EVITA LI0756890 2006/11/30 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
EVITA LI1169081 2011/03/15 Unknown unknown Unknown
EVITA LI0225111 2001/05/08 Unknown unknown Unknown
EVITA LI99163287 1999/06/27 Black brindle/Nero tigrato unknown Unknown
EVITA LI0252881 2001/10/04 Grey/Grigio unknown Unknown
EVITA LI0540097 2004/09/20 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
EVITA LI9888361 1997/05/01 Fulvo black mask/Fulvo maschera nera unknown Unknown
EVITA LI1018742 2009/02/22 Unknown unknown Unknown
EVITA LI0655791 2005/11/10 Black brindle/Nero tigrato HD C Unknown
EVITA LO1353684 2013/03/05 Unknown unknown Unknown
EVITA LI0894682 2007/11/20 Unknown unknown Unknown
EVITA LI08117923 2008/07/16 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
EVITA LO12166958 2012/10/05 Unknown unknown Unknown
EVITA LI0741221 2006/08/05 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
EVITA LO16100466 2016/04/12 Unknown unknown Unknown
EVITA LO1529221 2014/12/09 Unknown unknown Unknown
EVITA LO1436691 2014/01/06 Unknown unknown Unknown
EVITA LO15148720 2015/08/04 Unknown unknown Unknown
EVITA BLEKITNA PRZYSTAN 118129 PL 2017/04/11 Brindle/Tigrato HD A Unknown
EVITA CANE D'ORO ITALIANO PKR.II-124058 2015/10/08 Black brindle/Nero tigrato unknown Unknown
EVITA CUSTODI NOS HR 10088 CH HR 2008/10/22 Black/Nero HD A Unknown
EVITA DALLE MONTAGNE DEL LIMPURGHE VDH 14/126 00656 2014/09/09 Fulvo blue mask/Fulvo maschera grigio HD A Unknown
EVITA DEL ROSSO MALPELO LO13159929 2013/09/26 Unknown unknown Unknown
EVITA DEL ROSSO MALPELO LI11151777 2011/08/07 Unknown unknown Unknown
EVITA DEL ROSSO MALPELO LO15116022 2015/07/04 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
EVITA DELL'ANTICO CERBERUS LO13122876 2013/06/18 Black brindle/Nero tigrato unknown Unknown
EVITA DELL'ANTICO CERBERUS LI05127224 2005/05/07 Black brindle/Nero tigrato unknown Unknown
EVITA DELLA CORTE DEGLI OLIVI LO06102087 2005/09/11 Unknown unknown Unknown
EVITA DELLE PRINCIPESSE DE I GIACCHINI LO13152633 2013/08/25 Unknown unknown Unknown
EVITA DI CASTELL'ANSELMO LI10186026 2010/08/14 Unknown unknown Unknown
EVITA DI DED LI117656 2010/10/28 Unknown unknown Unknown
EVITA DI DIVA CDN-[CAN]6864- 2013/11/04 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
EVITA PERON LI1013131 2009/07/24 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
EVITA VON DER LIEBESSPHAERE VDH 10/1260193 Deutcher Ch. (VDH) 2010/05/01 Brindle/Tigrato HD C Unknown
EVITAPERON DELLA NEVAIA LI0723119 2006/08/11 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
EVITAS LI0225112 2001/05/08 Unknown unknown Unknown
EVITA DELL'ANTICO CERBERUS LI0722784 2006/07/10 Unknown unknown Unknown
EVITTA RKF 1285700 YYYY/MM/DD Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
EVOLUTION ZAGADKA VOSTOKA RKF 3353510 YYYY/MM/DD Black/Nero unknown Unknown
EVOLUTION'S ONYX AKC WS32044010 YYYY/MM/DD Unknown unknown Unknown
EVOLUTION'S REALM WS33244001 AKC CH 2009/08/14 Brindle/Tigrato PennHip Unknown
EVORA LO12156612 2012/09/01 Unknown unknown Unknown
EVY VAN DE SCHRAVELT NHSB 2883503 2012/05/21 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
EVYA LO14101104 2014/05/15 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
EWI OD ABRY PKR.II-99818 2008/07/19 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
EWIVA V.D. KLEINE SCHEERE NHSB 2628122 2006/10/12 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
EXENIA LI9894109 1997/10/25 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
EXIA LI0312866 2002/09/07 Unknown unknown Unknown
EXINA DELLA NEVAIA LI11143843 2011/05/20 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
EXTASY DEI VOLSCI LO14134534 2014/07/04 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
EXTAZIA RES LANDES UKU 0149245 2012/10/01 Grey/Grigio unknown Unknown
EXTRA LO16100468 2016/04/12 Unknown unknown Unknown
EXTREMA DELL'IMPERO MAYA LO16152448 GIOVANE PROMESSA ENCI 2016/07/11 Black brindle/Nero tigrato unknown Unknown
EXTREME FURY IL TUO GUERRIERO JR 78090 Cc ; LOE 2337934 2015/07/01 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
EYKA VAN DE SCHRAVELT NHSB 2883504 2012/05/21 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
EYLA DALLE MONTAGNE DEL LIMPURGHE VDH 14/126 00657 2014/09/09 Grey brindle/Grigio tigrato unknown Unknown
EYOTA NHSB 2685772 2007/12/15 Unknown unknown Unknown
EYRA OD ABRY PKR II-99817 2008/07/19 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
EYRIN IZ SOZVEZDIYA ADOMASA RKF 3508187 2012/12/25 Unknown unknown Unknown
EZABELLA FROM MOTHER NATURE NHSB 2743272 2009/03/24 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
EZHEVICHKA ZIRKA PAVLIY UKU 0201610 2014/06/20 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
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