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Virtual Mating
By calculating the coefficients of Kinship, Relationship and Inbreeding for any combination of father and mother in the database a lot of statistical information can be shown about the potential children.

This so called "Virtual Mating" can help you make a correct combination by calculating the inbred percentage (coi% or ci%) of potential children. You will be able to see how the (potential) parents relate to each other and which ancestors have the greatist influence on the chosen combination.

To start off with you need to select the parents of the virtual litter.
To complete these complex calculations at least the four grandparents need to have been entered into the database. If one of the parents is not shown in the list below it is possible that the pedigree is not "complete" enough to do a proper inbreeding calculation. The more ancestors in the pedigree the better these calculations become. The calculations go back 8 generations so it is important to make the pedigree as complete as possible.
First select the father for the virtual mating.

Select the father
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Name Ped# Titles DOB Date of death
ACHILLE LI10206627 2010/10/01 Unknown
ACHILLE LI10116055 2009/10/05 Unknown
ACHILLE LI1138372 2011/01/01 Unknown
ACHILLE LO12137960 2011/08/16 Unknown
ACHILLE LO1449768 2014/01/24 Unknown
ACHILLE LO14150875 2014/07/17 Unknown
ACHILLE LI10209351 2010/09/26 Unknown
ACHILLE LI10821 2009/01/28 Unknown
ACHILLE LO1677225 2016/02/28 Unknown
ACHILLE LO15155856 2015/07/20 Unknown
ACHILLE LO1410122 2013/10/24 Unknown
ACHILLE LI10143082 2009/10/16 Unknown
ACHILLE LO158199 2014/11/07 Unknown
ACHILLE LI09106767 2008/08/10 Unknown
ACHILLE LI1050458 2010/01/05 Unknown
ACHILLE LI09160080 2009/09/03 Unknown
ACHILLE LI0773645 2006/12/20 Unknown
ACHILLE LI1040892 2010/01/25 Unknown
ACHILLE LO15109899 2015/05/12 Unknown
ACHILLE LO1649515 2016/01/21 Unknown
ACHILLE LO16178710 2016/08/27 Unknown
ACHILLE LO12161877 2012/03/27 Unknown
ACHILLE LI1142284 2010/10/27 Unknown
ACHILLE LO16196090 2016/09/28 Unknown
ACHILLE LO12149141 2012/10/16 Unknown
ACHILLE LO1278403 2012/05/01 Unknown
ACHILLE LO1641390 2016/01/11 Unknown
ACHILLE LI10151669 2010/05/05 Unknown
ACHILLE LO13111411 2013/06/10 Unknown
ACHILLE LO15332 2014/11/08 Unknown
ACHILLE LO1433867 2013/12/15 Unknown
ACHILLE LI1478292 2014/03/21 Unknown
ACHILLE LO1274450 2012/03/07 Unknown
ACHILLE LI1234179 2011/12/19 Unknown
ACHILLE LO1450918 2013/12/23 Unknown
ACHILLE LO1685898 2016/03/20 Unknown
ACHILLE LO1466746 2014/04/17 Unknown
ACHILLE LO1572972 2014/05/17 Unknown
ACHILLE LO1721504 2016/11/14 Unknown
ACHILLE LO15141548 2015/06/27 Unknown
ACHILLE LO12122676 2012/06/25 Unknown
ACHILLE LI11116078 2011/06/12 Unknown
ACHILLE LI129237 2011/10/23 Unknown
ACHILLE LO17121979 2017/06/20 Unknown
ACHILLE LO177634 2016/10/17 Unknown
ACHILLE LI1640273 2015/12/14 Unknown
ACHILLE LO1447832 2014/01/12 Unknown
ACHILLE LI09138588 2009/04/14 Unknown
ACHILLE LI10161383 2009/12/22 Unknown
ACHILLE LO1722468 2016/12/30 Unknown
ACHILLE LO13162441 2013/08/31 Unknown
ACHILLE LO16138933 2016/06/17 Unknown
ACHILLE LO16112763 2016/04/27 Unknown
ACHILLE LO1581594 2015/04/09 Unknown
ACHILLE LO14133583 2014/06/25 Unknown
ACHILLE LI11143382 2011/08/04 Unknown
ACHILLE LO1668751 2016/02/22 Unknown
ACHILLE LO17182634 2017/09/22 Unknown
ACHILLE LO1762390 2017/02/11 Unknown
ACHILLE LI116647 2010/10/14 Unknown
ACHILLE LI0911473 2008/02/17 Unknown
ACHILLE LO1280917 2012/04/07 Unknown
ACHILLE LO17157398 2017//07/18 Unknown
ACHILLE LO1623887 2015/12/01 Unknown
ACHILLE LO15120877 2015/06/06 Unknown
ACHILLE LO1622551 2015/11/16 Unknown
ACHILLE LO1444319 2014/01/11 Unknown
ACHILLE LI0988070 2009/01/11 Unknown
ACHILLE LO13127338 2013/06/23 Unknown
ACHILLE LO13123843 2013/06/28 Unknown
ACHILLE LO167017 2015/11/02 Unknown
ACHILLE LO1360432 2013/03/18 Unknown
ACHILLE LO1820183 2017/11/30 Unknown
ACHILLE LO16194225 2016/09/17 Unknown
ACHILLE BLUECANECORSO A02992 2015/09/18 Unknown
ACHILLE DE FINIBUS TERRAE LI06124856 2006/04/27 Unknown
ACHILLE DEGLI ANGELI RIBELLI LI128223 2011/10/26 Unknown
ACHILLE DEGLI ELMI LI1052453 2009/05/14 Unknown
ACHILLE DEI CORSI DELL'ASPIDE LO17178439 2017/09/07 Unknown
ACHILLE DEI CORSI DELLA VALMOREA LO1360973 ; FI41062/14 2013/03/08 Unknown
ACHILLE DEI MARTINOTTI LI04120420 2004/06/10 Unknown
ACHILLE DEI MARTINOTTI LI11131967 2011/07/16 Unknown
ACHILLE DEI MOLOSSI DELL'ANGRA LI0491979 2004/04/14 Unknown
ACHILLE DEI MOLOSSI DELL'ANGRA LI06131577 2006/06/10 Unknown
ACHILLE DEI RE DI ROMA LI01183470 2001/06/23 Unknown
ACHILLE DEL CAVALIERE D'ITALIA LI0722574 2006/10/22 Unknown
ACHILLE DEL NERO VELLUTO LI0538272 2004/02/28 Unknown
ACHILLE DEL PALATIUM VDH 12/126 00399 2012/09/01 Unknown
ACHILLE DEL ROSSO MALPELO LI0551469 ; MET.CANE 3058/H/05 JCh. HU, Ch. HU 2004/10/18 Unknown
ACHILLE DEL ROSSO MALPELO LI0664890 2005/12/09 Unknown
ACHILLE DEL ROSSO MALPELO LI1017268 2009/02/11 Unknown
ACHILLE DEL ROSSO MALPELO LO14143654 2014/07/28 Unknown
ACHILLE DEL ROSSO MALPELO LO16194541 2016/10/01 Unknown
ACHILLE DEL ROSSO MALPELO LO1268529 2012/03/11 Unknown
ACHILLE DEL ROSSO MALPELO LO1561802 2015/02/26 Unknown
ACHILLE DEL TARAS TARENTUM LO15151590 2015/07/27 Unknown
ACHILLE DEL TARAS TARENTUM LO1743099 2016/12/31 Unknown
ACHILLE DELL'ANTICA ABBAZIA LO16188835 2016/09/26 Unknown
ACHILLE DELL'ANTICO CERBERUS LI0552416 2004/09/26 Unknown
ACHILLE DELL'ANTICO CERBERUS LI0426425 2003/09/24 Unknown
ACHILLE DELL'OGLIASTRO LI1039956 2009/01/30 Unknown
ACHILLE DELLA COLLINA DEL CORSO LI1084267 2009/03/07 Unknown
ACHILLE DELLA PORTA DIPINTA LO1212610 2011/11/08 Unknown
ACHILLE DELLA PORTA DIPINTA LO13150772 2013/08/26 Unknown
ACHILLE DELLA RURALIS GENS LI1221646 2011/11/20 Unknown
ACHILLE DELLA VALLE DEI LORD LI0794816 2007/05/01 Unknown
ACHILLE DI CASA CESARO LI0850886 2007/04/27 Unknown
ACHILLE DI CASA CESARO LO139457 2011/11/07 Unknown
ACHILLE DI CASTELL'ANSELMO LI139137 2012/10/23 Unknown
ACHILLE DI FOSSO CORNO LI10147190 2010/04/25 Unknown
ACHILLE PIRRO LO16164433 2016/08/01 Unknown
ACHILLES NHSB 2668810 2007/08/14 Unknown
ACHILLES NHSB 2752804 2009/06/09 Unknown
ACHILLES GOD OF TROY PK 15286/10 JCH BG, CH BG 2010/08/27 Unknown
ACHIM AG97L8674 1996/07/29 Unknown
ACHNATON NHSB 2668814 2007/08/14 Unknown
ACHOBEL LI9971941 1998/09/13 Unknown
ACIKO LO16190537 2016/09/17 Unknown
ACKENO LI10180377 2010/08/29 Unknown
ACLOD DELL'ANTICO CERBERUS LI9925564 1998/05/08 Unknown
ACOBEL LI9971939 1998/09/13 Unknown
ACON LI9928658 1998/07/16 Unknown
ACOR NHSB 2793454 2010/05/05 Unknown
ACORSO DELL'ANTICO CERBERUS LI01139714 2001/03/13 Unknown
ACQUARIO LO1466017 2014/03/07 Unknown
ACQUILA DE CHIAROMONTE LI0213851 2001/10/25 Unknown
ACREO AG94L4393 1994 Unknown
ACRICIO (SOBERON) FCMR8983F 2006/07/02 Unknown
ACRISIO LO1466021 2014/03/07 Unknown
ACRON DELLE TERRE DEL CONTE NHSB 3065797 2016/11/22 Unknown
ACS LI0987873 2008/12/24 Unknown
ACTARUS LI0415208 2003/10/06 Unknown
ACTARUS LI0786648 2006/12/20 Unknown
ACTARUS LI0817636 2007/12/18 Unknown
ACTARUS DELLA VALLE DEI LORD LI0794815 2007/05/01 Unknown
ACTEON LI1133189 2010/12/14 Unknown
ACTION 26628/05 (NO) 2005/12/07 Unknown
ACTION PACK'S ALL STAR BOOTES S67343/2008 2008/10/28 Unknown
ACTION PACK'S ALL STAR CEPHEUS S67345/2008 2008/10/28 Unknown
ACTION PACK'S ALL STAR DRACO S67344/2008 2008/10/28 Unknown
ACTION PACK'S ALL STAR HERCULES S67341/2008 2008/10/28 Unknown
ACTION PACK'S ALL STAR ORION S67342/2008 2008/10/28 Unknown
ACTION PACK'S COOL CLAN BIG DADDY SE15843/2011 2011/01/04 Unknown
ACTION PACK'S COOL CLAN FRANK D SE15846/2011 2011/01/04 Unknown
ACTION PACK'S COOL CLAN KICK-ASS SE15844/2011 2011/01/04 Unknown
ACTION PACK'S COOL CLAN RED MIST SE15845/2011 2011/01/04 Unknown
ACTION PACK'S ELITE EBBOT SE57426/2013 2013/11/01 Unknown
ACTION PACK'S ELITE EMPEROR SE57427/2013 2013/11/01 Unknown
ACTION PACK'S ELITE ENDEAVOR SE57428/2013 2013/11/01 Unknown
ACTION PACK'S ELITE EPIC SE57429/2013 2013/11/01 Unknown
ACTION PACK'S ELITE ERROL SE57425/2013 2013/11/01 Unknown
ACTION PACK'S ELITE EXTREME SE57424/2013 2013/11/01 Unknown
ACTION PACK'S GLADIATOR GANGSTER SE39287/2016 2016/06/08 Unknown
ACTION PACK'S GLADIATOR GENNARO SE39286/2016 2016/06/08 Unknown
ACTION PACK'S GLADIATOR GENTLEMAN SE39285/2016 2016/06/08 Unknown
ACTION PACK'S GLADIATOR GLENN SE39288/2016 2016/06/08 Unknown
ACTION PACK'S GLADIATOR GRUFF SE39290/2016 2016/06/08 Unknown
ACTION PACK'S GLADIATOR GRYM SE39289/2016 2016/06/08 Unknown
ACTION PACK'S HEAVENLY HELIX SE16004/2017 2017/01/28 Unknown
ACTION PACK'S HEAVENLY HOOLIGAN SE16003/2017 2017/01/28 Unknown
ACTION PACK'S HEAVENLY HURRICANE SE16005/2017 2017/01/28 Unknown
ACTION PACK'S HEAVENLY HUSTLER SE16006/2017 2017/01/28 Unknown
ACTION PACK'S IMPRESSIVE ICON SE43674/2017 2017/07/22 Unknown
ACTION PACK'S IMPRESSIVE IGGY SE43677/2017 2017/07/22 Unknown
ACTION PACK'S IMPRESSIVE INFERNO SE43676/2017 2017/07/22 Unknown
ACTION PACK'S IMPRESSIVE IVER SE43675/2017 2017/07/22 Unknown
ACTION PACKS DREAM TEAM DANGER SE18945/2013 2013/02/01 Unknown
ACTION PACKS DREAM TEAM DARTH SE18943/2013 2013/02/01 Unknown
ACTION PACKS DREAM TEAM DAZZLE SE18946/2013 2013/02/01 Unknown
ACTION PACKS DREAM TEAM DEFENDER SE18944/2013 2013/02/01 Unknown
ACTION PACKS DREAM TEAM DELUX SE18939/2013 2013/02/01 Unknown
ACTION PACKS DREAM TEAM DJANGO SE18940/2013 2013/02/01 Unknown
ACTION PACKS DREAM TEAM DOZER SE18942/2013 2013/02/01 Unknown
ACTION PACKS DREAM TEAM DYNAMITE SE18941/2013 2013/02/01 Unknown
ACTIONS PACK'S BRAIN'S BEAUTY BORAT SE21957/2010 2010/02/26 Unknown
ACTIVE CORSO APURIMAC S10760/2009 2008/11/23 Unknown
ACTIVE CORSO ASIO SE30847/2014 2014/04/16 Unknown
ACTIVE CORSO BRIONI SE53649/2015 2015/10/08 Unknown
ACTIVE CORSO BUBO SE30848/2014 2014/04/16 Unknown
ACTIVE CORSO BUCATINI SE37944/2011 2011/04/16 Unknown
ACTIVE CORSO CANNOLI SE27717/2010 2010/03/07 Unknown
ACTIVE CORSO CANTUCCINI SE27718/2010 2010/03/07 Unknown
ACTIVE CORSO CARENERO S10761/2009 2008/11/23 Unknown
ACTIVE CORSO CARUPANO S10762/2009 2008/11/23 Unknown
ACTIVE CORSO CENTURION SE28042/2012 2012/04/09 Unknown
ACTIVE CORSO COMMANDER CROWE SE53651/2015 2015/10/08 Unknown
ACTIVE CORSO CONNY NOBELL SE53646/2015 2015/10/08 Unknown
ACTIVE CORSO GALETTI SE37943/2011 2011/04/16 Unknown
ACTIVE CORSO GEMELLI SE37945/2011 BPH 2011/04/16 Unknown
ACTIVE CORSO LEOPARD SE28046/2012 2012/04/09 Unknown
ACTIVE CORSO MAHARAJAH SE53648/2015 2015/10/08 Unknown
ACTIVE CORSO NAHAR SE53650/2015 2015/10/08 Unknown
ACTIVE CORSO NINOX SE30849/2014 2014/04/16 Unknown
ACTIVE CORSO OBERON SE42577/2013 2013/06/19 Unknown
ACTIVE CORSO PANTHER SE28045/2012 2012/04/09 Unknown
ACTIVE CORSO PANZER TIGER SE28041/2012 2012/04/09 Unknown
ACTIVE CORSO RED CHILI PIRAT SE53645/2015 2015/10/08 Unknown
ACTIVE CORSO SAMBIRANO S10763/2009 2008/11/23 Unknown
ACTIVE CORSO STRIX SE30850/2014 2014/04/16 Unknown
ACTIVE CORSO TARALLI SE27719/2010 2010/03/07 Unknown
ACTIVE CORSO TORVALD PALEMA SE53653/2015 2015/10/08 Unknown
ACTIVE CORSO TYTO SE30851/2014 2014/04/16 Unknown
ACTIVE CORSO VARENNE SE53652/2015 2015/10/08 Unknown
ACTIVE CORSO VICTORY TILLY SE53647/2015 2015/10/08 Unknown
ACUJO LI9989604 1998/11/03 Unknown
ADAGO LO1286457 2011/05/23 Unknown
ADAM LI0755835 2006/10/22 Unknown
ADAM LO1466831 2014/03/04 Unknown
ADAM LI11162439 2011/09/24 Unknown
ADAM LO1446909 2014/02/18 Unknown
ADAM DELL'ANTICO CERBERUS LI9925561 1998/05/08 Unknown
ADAM DELLA PORTA DIPINTA LO1344580 2013/02/14 Unknown
ADAM DI CASTELL'ANSELMO LO14160577 2014/08/30 Unknown
ADAM OF PAINTING DOOR LO1497234 CH. RUS,CH. RKF 2014/04/20 Unknown
ADAM PATCHS DELL'IMPERO DEI FORTE LO14128004 2014/04/22 Unknown
ADAMANTIO DELLA VALLE DEI LORD LO1725540 2016/07/20 Unknown
ADAMO AG97L0203 1996/10/16 Unknown
ADAMO LI04502 2003/07/04 Unknown
ADAMO AG96L7501 1996/03/17 Unknown
ADAMO LI9985053 1998/09/21 Unknown
ADAMO LO1690953 2016/03/26 Unknown
ADAMO LI0988062 2009/01/11 Unknown
ADAMS AG97L9742 IPO 3 IPO 2 BREVETTO 3 BREVETTO 1 BREVETTO 2 1997/03/06 Unknown
ADAMSKY JR74676CC 2012/08/06 Unknown
ADANKO LO12160954 2012/07/30 Unknown
ADANTE NHSB 2582337 2005/10/13 Unknown
ADANTÈ NHSB 2743329 2009/03/19 Unknown
ADANTE DEL GUARDA VALIENTE VDH 08/1260093 2008/04/15 Unknown
ADE LI0171894 2000/10/20 Unknown
ADE LI9991168 1998/10/03 Unknown
ADE LO1291720 2012/06/05 Unknown
ADE LI0357355 2002/12/15 Unknown
ADE LI0841620 2007/06/09 Unknown
ADE LO16118255 2016/05/06 Unknown
ADE LI1041830 2009/12/23 Unknown
ADE LO1475311 2014/03/19 Unknown
ADE LO14168887 2014/09/01 Unknown
ADE LO15145387 2015/08/04 Unknown
ADE LO1558436 2015/02/19 Unknown
ADE LO15135276 2015/06/22 Unknown
ADE - IRON LI10136316 2010/06/05 Unknown
ADE DEGLI INFERI LO1280904 2012/04/07 Unknown
ADE DEL GIARDINO DELLE OMBRE LI0266894 2002/02/08 Unknown
ADE DELL'ANTICO CERBERUS LI0541163 2004/09/03 Unknown
ADE DIMONIO ARGO LI1026801 2009/11/05 Unknown
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