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Virtual Mating
By calculating the coefficients of Kinship, Relationship and Inbreeding for any combination of father and mother in the database a lot of statistical information can be shown about the potential children.

This so called "Virtual Mating" can help you make a correct combination by calculating the inbred percentage (coi% or ci%) of potential children. You will be able to see how the (potential) parents relate to each other and which ancestors have the greatist influence on the chosen combination.

To start off with you need to select the parents of the virtual litter.
To complete these complex calculations at least the four grandparents need to have been entered into the database. If one of the parents is not shown in the list below it is possible that the pedigree is not "complete" enough to do a proper inbreeding calculation. The more ancestors in the pedigree the better these calculations become. The calculations go back 8 generations so it is important to make the pedigree as complete as possible.
First select the father for the virtual mating.

Select the father
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Name Ped# Titles DOB Colour HD Date of death
AXEL LO12122662 2012/06/25 Unknown unknown Unknown
AXEL LI09152187 2009/03/16 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
AXEL LO1563977 2015/02/18 Unknown unknown Unknown
AXEL LI0916688 2008/03/18 Unknown unknown Unknown
AXEL LI1550848 2014/12/25 Unknown unknown Unknown
AXEL LO1337638 2013/01/04 Unknown unknown Unknown
AXEL LO1611429 2015/10/19 Unknown unknown Unknown
AXEL LO16137623 2016/06/12 Unknown unknown Unknown
AXEL LO1261858 2012/04/10 Unknown unknown Unknown
AXEL LO1448656 2014/01/27 Unknown unknown Unknown
AXEL LI09113487 2008/10/21 Unknown unknown Unknown
AXEL LO1528711 2014/12/03 Unknown unknown Unknown
AXEL LO13142383 2013/09/20 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
AXEL LO1312908 2012/11/02 Fulvo unknown Unknown
AXEL LI10205072 2010/09/24 Unknown unknown Unknown
AXEL LI10178569 2010/08/04 Unknown unknown Unknown
AXEL LO15111499 2015/06/14 Unknown unknown Unknown
AXEL LI0588387 2005/02/23 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
AXEL LO1597988 2015/05/17 Fulvo unknown Unknown
AXEL LI1760924 2017/01/30 Unknown unknown Unknown
AXEL LI0988069 2009/01/11 Unknown unknown Unknown
AXEL LO12154105 2012/08/20 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
AXEL LO17159627 2017/07/23 Black brindle/Nero tigrato unknown Unknown
AXEL LO1528575 2014/11/05 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
AXEL LO1512978 2014/11/19 Fulvo unknown Unknown
AXEL DEI CORSI DELLA VALMOREA LO1537366 2014/11/24 Unknown unknown Unknown
AXEL DEI GEMELLI AG95L5672 1995/03/27 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
AXEL DEI MARCHESI DEL PARTENIO LO16183242 2016/09/04 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
AXEL DEI MOLOSSI DELL'ANGRA LO1313515 2012/12/20 Grey/Grigio HD A Unknown
AXEL DEL ROSSO MALPELO LI0944191 2008/05/25 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
AXEL DEL ROSSO MALPELO LO16194530 2016/10/01 Unknown unknown Unknown
AXEL DEL TIRINO LO16178664 2016/08/24 Unknown unknown Unknown
AXEL DELL'ANTICO CERBERUS LI0148269 2000/05/28 Brindle/Tigrato HD A Unknown
AXEL DELLA ROSA SCARLATTA AG96L7797 1996/02/02 Grey/Grigio unknown Unknown
AXEL DELLA VALLE DEI LORD LO1751039 2017/01/15 Fulvo unknown Unknown
AXEL DI CASA CESARO LO13141635 2013/03/10 Unknown unknown Unknown
AXEL GOLIA LO1281991 2012/04/11 Unknown unknown Unknown
AXEL HEREDOM LI1154543 2011/02/18 Unknown unknown Unknown
AXEL II LO1528716 2014/12/03 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
AXEL TIGRE LI102368 2009/07/14 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
AXELCESARE LI0166426 2000/09/09 Unknown unknown Unknown
AXELCONNY LO1698877 2016/05/19 Grey/Grigio unknown Unknown
AXELL LI0916695 2008/03/18 Unknown unknown Unknown
AXELL LO1515529 2014/11/02 Grey/Grigio unknown Unknown
AXELSUPREMO DI CASA LEONE LI99121188 1999/04/20 Black brindle/Nero tigrato unknown Unknown
AXER LO12107833 2012/05/28 Unknown unknown Unknown
AXER SCUBO PKR II-103843 2009/07/01 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
AXL LI0762265; MET.Cane3899/H/08 HJCH, Austrian Youthclubwinner 2007/01/02 Black/Nero HD A Unknown
AXL LO15116002 2015/05/20 Unknown unknown Unknown
AXL LO1581596 2015/04/09 Unknown unknown Unknown
AXO LI0175132 2000/10/29 Fulvo unknown Unknown
AXO DU CLOS DES TROIS RIVIERES LOF 2 CA CO 8 732/1 352 YYYY/MM/DD Unknown unknown Unknown
AXS LI0923775 2008/04/22 Unknown unknown Unknown
AXSEL LI99175636 1998/03/07 Black brindle/Nero tigrato unknown Unknown
AY-KOR DZHOY UKU 0029219 3 x CAC 2008/10/16 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
AYAX AMSTERDAM PRIMO LK-315XX/13 2013/07/16 Grey/Grigio unknown Unknown
AYAX DEI VITTURI HR 10393 Cc JCh. SRB 2013/08/01 Black/Nero HD A Unknown
AYKO DI CASA PALMA NHSB 2785554 2010/03/06 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
AYRON LI983721 1997/01/12 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
AYRON LI01172136 2001/03/29 Unknown unknown Unknown
AYRON LO14158661 2014/08/22 Unknown unknown Unknown
AYRON LI0941170 2008/06/21 Unknown unknown Unknown
AYRON DEI PELIGNI LO15158923 2015/08/08 Unknown unknown Unknown
AYRON DEL DYRIUM LI127180 Ch.Rip 2011/10/22 Black/Nero HD B Unknown
AYRON DELL'ANTICO CERBERUS LO14163508 2014/08/23 Unknown unknown Unknown
AYRTON AG96L6314 ; NHSB BYL.G-2-2075227 1995/05/05 Black brindle/Nero tigrato HDtc Unknown
AYRTON AG96L6260 < 1995 Unknown unknown Unknown
AYRTON LI0127308 2000/04/20 Unknown unknown Unknown
AYRTON LO1590536 2015/04/18 Unknown unknown Unknown
AYRTONSENNA DI CASA CESARO LO1634334 2015/03/05 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
AZAD LI0698714 2006/03/28 Unknown unknown Unknown
AZAIS DI CASA PARISELLA LI9822752 1997/04/16 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
AZALEA LI99103209 1999/01/20 Unknown unknown Unknown
AZAMIR LI9872133 1997/08/27 Unknown unknown Unknown
AZAZEL LI016717 2000/05/01 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
AZAZELO TARBER KORSIKANO UKU 0011958 YYYY/MM/DD Black/Nero unknown Unknown
AZHAR LI0133027 2000/08/14 Unknown unknown Unknown
AZHAR DI CASA ZANARDELLI LO1285766 2012/05/27 Unknown unknown Unknown
AZIM LI0019665 1999/07/30 Unknown unknown Unknown
AZIM AG97L8854 1996/09/14 Black brindle/Nero tigrato unknown Unknown
AZIM LI9948445 1998/06/24 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
AZIMUT LI11146932 2011/08/14 Unknown unknown Unknown
AZOR LI0229537 2000/10/19 Unknown unknown Unknown
AZOR LI0139765 2000/06/15 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
AZOR NHSB2972912 2014/07/09 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
AZORKA LI0691640 2006/01/14 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
AZUL LO15157033 2015/07/29 Unknown unknown Unknown
AZZO SE43671/2015 2015/06/01 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
AZZURBA X CRESCENT CITY ICCF 0300206 YYYY/MM/DD Unknown unknown Unknown
AZZURRO LI0349106 2002/12/25 Unknown unknown Unknown
AZZURRO DELLA DORSALE VDH 02/126R0009 2002/05/15 Fulvo blue mask/Fulvo maschera grigio unknown Unknown
AZZURRO DELLA VALLE DEL MONTE VDH 12/126 00389 2012/05/13 Grey brindle/Grigio tigrato HD A Unknown
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