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Virtual Mating
By calculating the coefficients of Kinship, Relationship and Inbreeding for any combination of father and mother in the database a lot of statistical information can be shown about the potential children.

This so called "Virtual Mating" can help you make a correct combination by calculating the inbred percentage (coi% or ci%) of potential children. You will be able to see how the (potential) parents relate to each other and which ancestors have the greatist influence on the chosen combination.

To start off with you need to select the parents of the virtual litter.
To complete these complex calculations at least the four grandparents need to have been entered into the database. If one of the parents is not shown in the list below it is possible that the pedigree is not "complete" enough to do a proper inbreeding calculation. The more ancestors in the pedigree the better these calculations become. The calculations go back 8 generations so it is important to make the pedigree as complete as possible.
First select the father for the virtual mating.

Select the father
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Name Ped# Titles DOB Colour HD Date of death
Q PILLINO DELL'ANTIQUA APULIA LO15178197 2015/09/07 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
Q ZEUS DELL'ANTIQUA APULIA LO15178188 2015/09/07 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
Q-OLIVER DELLA NEVAIA LO1484196 2014/03/23 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
Q-PERSEO DI CASA LATORRE LO1895397 2018/04/09 Unknown unknown Unknown
QATAR LI0466400 2003/11/15 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
QATAR DELL'IMPERO MAYA LO1579423 2015/03/30 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
QINO LI08102441 2007/10/15 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
QMORPHEUS DEL NERO VELLUTO LO14109451 2014/06/02 Unknown unknown Unknown
QOCO DE FINIBUS TERRAE LO1321901 2012/12/08 Unknown unknown Unknown
QONDOR NHSB 2565927 2005/06/29 Unknown unknown Unknown
QSIDE DELLA NEVAIA LO1672690 2016/03/04 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
QTHOR LO15189034 2015/09/29 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUACK DELLA NEVAIA LO12154638 2012/06/18 Black/Nero HD B Unknown
QUADO DELLA PORTA DIPINTA LI01146957 2001/03/28 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
QUADRUMVIRO DELLA NEVAIA LI1059589 2010/02/05 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUAID LI0364219 2003/01/25 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUAIS DELLA PORTA DIPINTA LO0566295 2004/05/12 Brindle/Tigrato HD B Unknown
QUAIS III LI1173483 2011/03/10 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUAIS II° LI1020948 2008/11/06 Black brindle/Nero tigrato unknown Unknown
QUAISER DELL'ANTICO CERBERUS LO1455519 ; SPKP 1436 Dt.Ch.(VDH) 2014/02/04 Fulvo blue mask/Fulvo maschera grigio HD C Unknown
QUAKE HEREDOM LI0673910 2006/01/12 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUALDOR DEL DYRIUM LO15173787 2015/09/20 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
QUAMATA LO14119833 2014/04/13 Black brindle/Nero tigrato unknown Unknown
QUAMI DELLA PORTA DIPINTA LI0780950 2007/01/11 Brindle/Tigrato HD B Unknown
QUAN LI0174975 2000/11/10 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUAN DELL'ANTICA BORGATA LO15143448 2015/07/16 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUAN DI CASA LEONE LI0883418 2007/08/25 Grey brindle/Grigio tigrato unknown Unknown
QUANCC LI9924155 1998/04/15 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
QUANDISA LO14119841 2014/04/13 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUANDO DELLA DORSALE VDH 14/126 00641 2014/08/10 Grey/Grigio unknown Unknown
QUANDOR 2314165 2000/07/27 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUANN AG97L0025 1997/04/26 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUANT LI0364218 2003/01/25 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUANT DELLA CORTE DEGLI OLMI LI02116101 2002/05/27 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUANT FOR HONOR CASA DI ALBA UKU 0270999 2016/02/14 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUANTICO LO17213 2016/09/23 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
QUANTICO DEL ROSSO MALPELO LO17170568 2017/08/13 Black brindle/Nero tigrato unknown Unknown
QUANTICO DELLA NEVAIA LO1672689 2016/03/04 Black brindle/Nero tigrato unknown Unknown
QUANTICO DI GRAN BURRONE LO17124527 2017/05/30 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
QUANTO LI08124526 2008/08/08 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUANTUM LI08102440 2007/10/15 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
QUANTUM LI1075303 2009/06/20 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUANTUM LI09148643 2009/07/25 Fulvo unknown Unknown
QUANTUM DEI MOLOSSI D'EBURON LO17130989 2017/06/07 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
QUANTUM DELL'IMPERO MAYA LO1579427 2015/03/30 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
QUANTUM OF SOLACE DEI GRAUSI LO16165051 2016/07/30 Grey/Grigio unknown Unknown
QUARANTASETTE LI0176157 2000/11/20 Grey/Grigio unknown Unknown
QUARCK DI CASA LEONE LI0883417 2007/08/25 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
QUARES LI08124527 2008/08/08 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUARES AG94L4220 1993 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUARES DI CASA LEONE LI0883414 2007/08/25 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
QUARES DI DRACARYUS ISBR 132347 2017/03/25 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
QUARESJUNIOR LI9986584 1998/10/25 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
QUARESMA LI09148640 2009/07/25 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUARESMA DEI CORSI DELLA VALMOREA LO1579861 2015/04/02 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUARESMA DEI GRAUSI LO16165053 2016/07/30 Black/Nero HD A Unknown
QUARK LI08102442 2007/10/15 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
QUARK LO15149669 2015/08/25 Black brindle/Nero tigrato unknown Unknown
QUARK LO15135633 2015/06/24 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUARK LI10185760 2010/08/13 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
QUARK DEI CORSI DELLA VALMOREA LO1579862 2015/04/02 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUARK DEL ROSSO MALPELO LO17170573 2017/08/13 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
QUARKIGNO LI09148641 2009/07/25 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUARON LI08137099 2008/06/29 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUARON LI0166488 2000/10/15 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUARON LI0013402 1999/09/14 Brindle/Tigrato HD B Unknown
QUARON LI0362962 2002/11/12 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUARON LO1770628 2017/03/12 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
QUARON LI1020954 2008/11/06 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUARON DE FINIBUS TERRAE LO1321905 2012/12/08 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUARON DELLA VIGNA DELLA CORTE LI1242716 2012/01/13 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUARON DI CASA FIORE LO1259489 2012/02/23 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUARON DI DRACARYUS ISBR 132344 2017/03/25 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
QUAROS LI08137094 2008/06/29 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
QUAROS DI DRACARYUS ISBR 132342 2017/03/25 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
QUAROSJR DE FINIBUS TERRAE LO1321907 2012/12/08 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
QUARRAS LI1075302 2009/06/20 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
QUARTO LI1025840 2009/11/24 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUARZO LI9972376 1998/08/07 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUARZO DEI MOLOSSI D'EBURON LO17130990 2017/06/07 Grey brindle/Grigio tigrato unknown Unknown
QUARZO DEL MURGESE AG97L8314 1996/07/11 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUARZO DELLA NEVAIA LI1059591 2010/02/05 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUARZO DETTO BULLO DELL'IMPERO MAYA LO1579417 2015/03/30 Black brindle/Nero tigrato unknown Unknown
QUARZO DI CASA FIORE LO1259487 2012/02/23 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUASAR LI0570439 2004/12/27 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUASAR LI0340765 2002/11/30 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
QUASAR LI0013403 1999/09/14 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUASAR LI0673564 2005/05/21 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUASAR LI10185761 2010/08/13 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUASAR LI1020951 2008/11/06 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUASAR CUSTODI NOS JR 81937 Cc J.CH. RUS, CH. RUS, CH. RFK, CH. BY 2014/03/10 Brindle/Tigrato HD A Unknown
QUASAR DELL'ANTIQUA APULIA LI11143859;NHSB2866728 2011/05/30 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
QUASAR DELLA VIGNA DELLA CORTE LI1242715 2012/01/13 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUASAR DI CASA FIORE LO1259486 2012/02/23 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUASAR DI CASA LEONE LI0883415 2007/08/25 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
QUASAR DI DRACARYUS ISBR 132346 2017/03/25 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
QUASI LI08124530 2008/08/08 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUASI CORSO FOR BAJEROVA FCPR W101309 2008/08/10 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUASIMODO LI03145852 2003/07/04 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
QUASIMODO LI00130792 2000/09/22 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUASIMODO DEI CORSI DEL GREPPO LI0785476 2007/02/18 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUASIMODO DEL NERO VELLUTO LO14109453 2014/06/02 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUASIMODO DEL ROSSO MALPELO LO0773693 2007/01/10 Black/Nero HD A Unknown
QUASIMODO DEL ROSSO MALPELO LO17170571 2017/08/13 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
QUASIMODO DELL'ANTICO CERBERUS LI09157720 2009/08/22 Fulvo black mask/Fulvo maschera nera unknown Unknown
QUASIMODO DELL'ANTICO CERBERUS LO12158705 2012/09/12 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
QUASIMODO DELL'ANTIQUA APULIA LI11143862 2011/05/30 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUASIMODO DELLE PRINCIPESSE DE I GIACCHINI LO14164925 2014/09/15 Grey/Grigio unknown Unknown
QUASIMODO DI GRAN BURRONE LO17124530 2017/05/30 Black brindle/Nero tigrato unknown Unknown
QUASIR HEREDOM LI0673919 2006/01/12 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUASSO DELLA NEVAIA LO12154626 2012/06/18 Brindle/Tigrato HD B Unknown
QUATOS DELLA DORSALE VDH 14/126 00642 2014/08/10 Grey/Grigio unknown Unknown
QUATTRO LI0570449 2004/12/27 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUATTRO DI DRACARYUS ISBR 132345 2017/03/25 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
QUATTRO IŠ ANYKŠČIŲ LSVKCCI0213/12 ; SE46433/2013 2012/07/10 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
QUATTROCALZINI DELL'ANTIQUA APULIA LI11143858 2011/05/30 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUAX NHSB 2797513 2010/05/30 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUAXO DEI GRAUSI LO16165055 2016/07/30 Grey/Grigio unknown Unknown
QUAYRON DELLE PRINCIPESSE DE I GIACCHINI LO14164904 2014/09/15 Grey/Grigio unknown Unknown
QUAZ DELLA CORTE DEGLI OLMI LI02116106 2002/05/29 Grey brindle/Grigio tigrato unknown Unknown
QUAZAR LI0166486 2000/10/15 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
QUAZAR DEL CANE CLUB RG/PRG/07/04279 YYYY/MM/DD Unknown unknown Unknown
QUDO STRAJANO JR 81648 CC ; LO1459980 2013/07/25 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
QUEBEC DELLA PORTA DIPINTA LI01146955 ; LOF294/257 2001/03/28 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
QUEBEC DI GRAN BURRONE LO14147016 2014/07/13 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUEEN DELLA CORTE DEGLI OLMI LI02116105 2002/05/29 Fulvo unknown Unknown
QUENEAUDPD LO1770627 2017/03/12 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
QUENMIRAGE LI0186993 2000/10/29 Black brindle/Nero tigrato unknown Unknown
QUENTIN LI08124523 2008/08/08 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUENTIN LI08102443 2007/10/15 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
QUENTIN LI1075301 2009/06/20 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUENTIN LO1611427 2015/10/19 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
QUENTIN DEI GRAUSI LO16165048 2016/07/30 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
QUENTIN DELL'ANTIQUA APULIA LI11143861 2011/05/30 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
QUENTIN DELLA NEVAIA LO12154618 2012/06/18 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUENTIN DI GRAN BURRONE LO14147011 2014/07/13 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUENTIN TARANTINO LO14119836 2014/04/13 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUENTIN TARANTINO DELL'ANTIQUA APULIA LO15178210 2015/09/07 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
QUENTINTARANTINO DEGLI ELMI LI0884613 2007/10/05 Black/Nero HD A Unknown
QUENTO DELLA DORSALE VDH 14/126 00643 2014/08/10 Grey/Grigio unknown Unknown
QUENZO DELL'ANTICA BORGATA LO15143445 2015/07/16 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUERINIO DI GRAN BURRONE LO17124533 2017/05/30 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
QUERRO DEL NERO VELLUTO LO14109452 2014/06/02 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUESH LI08124533 2008/08/08 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUESS LI0364216 2003/01/25 Black/Nero HD B Unknown
QUESS LI08130141 2008/04/02 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUESS LO1558558 2015/02/13 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
QUEST LI0364217 2003/01/25 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUEST FOR SUCCESS CASA DI ALBA UKU 0271000 2016/02/14 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
QUESTOR LI0570434 2004/12/27 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUIBUS HEREDOM LI0673911 2006/01/12 Grey/Grigio unknown Unknown
QUICK LI99141577 1999/03/02 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
QUICK LI0467709 2003/06/24 Black brindle/Nero tigrato unknown Unknown
QUICK SILVERBACK LO14119832 2014/04/13 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUIDI VIDI DETOMASO FI15820/11 2010/12/23 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
QUIDI VIDI FERRARI FI15816/11 2010/12/23 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
QUIDI VIDI LAMBORGHINI FI15817/11 2010/12/23 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
QUIDI VIDI MASERATI FI15818/11 2010/12/23 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
QUIDI VIDI ROLLS-ROYCE FI15819/11 2010/12/23 Brindle/Tigrato HD A Unknown
QUIDI VIDI ZENDER FI15821/11 2010/12/23 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
QUIDO NHSB 2234735 1999/03/06 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUIERO DEI PAESI BASSI NSHB 2531393 2004/10/27 Black/Nero HD A Unknown
QUIERO DEI PAESI BASSI NHSB 2817009 2010/11/10 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
QUIET DELLA NEVAIA LO1484192 2014/03/23 Grey brindle/Grigio tigrato unknown Unknown
QUIGOR LI9972378 1998/08/07 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUIKSILVERNKM DELL'ANTICO CERBERUS LO1455524 2014/02/04 Fulvo blue mask/Fulvo maschera grigio unknown Unknown
QUIL DEL-ORTE M L SE11640/2014 2013/02/07 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
QUINCY LI0060198 1999/03/02 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
QUINCY DEGLI ELMI LI0884614 2007/10/05 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
QUINCY JONES PORTA DELL INFERNO W9.558 YYYY/MM/DD Fulvo black mask/Fulvo maschera nera unknown Unknown
QUINDO DELLA VALLE DEGLI ORSI ALI COR A 2256-13/343 2012/12/19 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
QUINO DEL MURGESE AG97L8316 1996/07/11 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUINO DELLA DORSALE VDH 14/126 00644 2014/08/10 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
QUINTEROALVAREZ DEL ROSSO MALPELO LO0773695 2007/01/10 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
QUINTILIANO LO15149671 2015/08/25 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUINTILIANO DEGLI ELMI LO12143319 2012/07/28 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUINTILIANO DEL ROSSO MALPELO LO0773694, UKU 0024184, RKF 2315429 CH.MAC, CH.UA, JWW08, WW09 2007/01/10 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
QUINTILIO LI09148638 2009/07/25 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUINTILIO DEL CANE CLUB RG/PRG/10/02061 YYYY/MM/DD Unknown unknown Unknown
QUINTILIO DEL ROSSO MALPELO LO17170576 2017/08/13 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
QUINTILIO DI DRACARYUS ISBR 132343 2017/03/25 Black brindle/Nero tigrato unknown Unknown
QUINTILIOVARO LI0667918 2005/11/28 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUINTINO CABELINO DEL MONTAGNA ORO NHSB 3021311 2015/10/12 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
QUINTINO FERREIRA DEL MONTAGNA ORO NHSB 3021310 2015/10/12 Grey brindle/Grigio tigrato unknown Unknown
QUINTINO GONZALEZ DEL MONTAGNA ORO NHSB 3021308 2015/10/12 Grey/Grigio unknown Unknown
QUINTINO JAVIER DEL MONTAGNA ORO NHSB 3021306 2015/10/12 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
QUINTINO MONTEIRO DEL MONTAGNA ORO NHSB 3021312 2015/10/12 Grey/Grigio unknown Unknown
QUINTINO NAZARIO DEL MONTAGNA ORO NHSB 3021309 2015/10/12 Grey/Grigio unknown Unknown
QUINTINO VILHENA DEL MONTAGNA ORO NHSB 3021307 2015/10/12 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
QUINTIO NHSB 2778416 2010/01/06 Grey brindle/Grigio tigrato unknown Unknown
QUINTO LI9972379 1998/08/07 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUINTO LO10178689 2003/08/25 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
QUINTO LO12137472 2012/08/03 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
QUINTO LI1025841 2009/11/24 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUINTO LI0916674 2008/03/02 Fulvo unknown Unknown
QUINTO LO1630952 2015/12/08 Grey/Grigio unknown Unknown
QUINTO LO15135623 2015/06/24 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUINTO LO1268255 2012/03/11 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
QUINTO ARRIO DI CASTELL'ANSELMO LO16169627 2016/08/06 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUINTO DELLA NEVAIA LO12154646 2012/06/18 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
QUINTO DELLA VIGNA DELLA CORTE LI1242717 2012/01/13 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUINTO ELEMENTO DELL'ANTICO CERBERUS LO12158703 2012/09/12 Grey/Grigio unknown Unknown
QUINTO KAIO DI CASTELL'ANSELMO LO1541984 2014/12/28 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
QUINTO MASSIMO DI CASTELL'ANSELMO LO16125710 2016/06/21 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUINTO MASSIMO ZAR DI CASA LATORRE LO1895396 2018/04/09 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
QUINTO ROMMEL DI CASA FIORE LO1259490 2012/02/23 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUINTOELEMENTO LI0696664 2006/03/05 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUINTUS CORSO FOR BAJEROVA FCPRW10.131 2008/08/10 Unknown HD A Unknown
QUINTUS DIUS LO1421016 2013/11/19 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUINTUS QUASIMODO LO14119831 2014/04/13 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUINZANO LI0570443 2004/12/27 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUINZIO NHSB 2778415 2010/01/06 Grey/Grigio unknown Unknown
QUINZIO DI GRAN BURRONE LO14147015 2014/07/13 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUIPROQUO DEL MURGESE AG97L8318 1996/07/11 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUIRICO DEI CORSI DEL GREPPO LI0785475 2007/02/18 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUIRICO DI GRAN BURRONE LO14147017 2014/07/13 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUIRICO DI GRAN BURRONE LO17124532 2017/05/30 Black brindle/Nero tigrato unknown Unknown
QUIRINO NHSB 2759814 2009/08/04 Black/Nero HD A Unknown
QUIRINO LI03145853 2003/07/04 Black brindle/Nero tigrato unknown Unknown
QUIRINO LI11133886 2011/07/15 Grey/Grigio unknown Unknown
QUIRINO LO15189035 2015/09/29 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUIRINO LI10185762 2010/08/13 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUIRINO DEI CORSI DEL GREPPO LI0785473 2007/02/18 Grey/Grigio unknown Unknown
QUIRINO DEL ROSSO MALPELO LO17170572 2017/08/13 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
QUIRINO DELLA DORSALE VDH 14/126 00645 2014/08/10 Grey/Grigio unknown Unknown
QUIRINO DI PAIANELLO LI0921115 2008/08/23 Grey brindle/Grigio tigrato unknown Unknown
QUIROGA DELLA PORTA DIPINTA LI01146956 2001/03/28 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
QUIRON LI9972377 1998/08/07 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUIRON DELLA NEVAIA LO12154654 2012/06/18 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
QUISAC DELLA PORTA DIPINTA LI01146954 2001/03/28 Brindle/Tigrato unknown Unknown
QUISQUE LI0696663 2006/03/05 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUISQUIS HEREDOM LI0673912 2006/01/12 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUITEANKMSCANDAL DELL'ANTICO CERBERUS ROI 14/555111 2014/02/04 Grey/Grigio HD A Unknown
QUITEUNUSUAL DELL'ANTICO CERBERUS LO1455513 2014/02/04 Fulvo blue mask/Fulvo maschera grigio HD A Unknown
QUIU DEI CORSI DEI NURAGHI LO177641 2016/10/18 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
QUIVIS DELLA CORTE DEGLI OLIVI LI10151261 2010/07/03 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUIZ LI99141576 1999/03/02 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUO LI1242669 2012/01/17 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUOADIS EROSALLE DI CASA LEONE LI0883413 2007/08/25 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
QUOQUE DEL MURGESE AG97L8317 1996/07/11 Black brindle/Nero tigrato unknown Unknown
QUORUM LO1385113 2013/03/22 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUORUM DEL MURGESE AG97L8315 1996/07/11 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUORUM DELLA CORTE DEGLI OLIVI LI10151260 2010/07/03 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUORUM DELLA NEVAIA LI1059590 2010/02/05 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUOVADIS LI0696667 2006/03/05 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUOVADIS LO15135624 2015/06/24 Unknown unknown Unknown
QUOVADIS DEI GRAUSI LO16165058 2016/07/30 Black/Nero unknown Unknown
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