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Virtual Mating
By calculating the coefficients of Kinship, Relationship and Inbreeding for any combination of father and mother in the database a lot of statistical information can be shown about the potential children.

This so called "Virtual Mating" can help you make a correct combination by calculating the inbred percentage (coi% or ci%) of potential children. You will be able to see how the (potential) parents relate to each other and which ancestors have the greatist influence on the chosen combination.

To start off with you need to select the parents of the virtual litter.
To complete these complex calculations at least the four grandparents need to have been entered into the database. If one of the parents is not shown in the list below it is possible that the pedigree is not "complete" enough to do a proper inbreeding calculation. The more ancestors in the pedigree the better these calculations become. The calculations go back 8 generations so it is important to make the pedigree as complete as possible.
First select the father for the virtual mating.

Select the father
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Name Ped# Titles DOB Date of death
T-ZEUS SANGUE MAGNIFICA JR76079 ; LO1629140 2014/03/25 Unknown
T.ZEUS DELL'ANTICO CERBERUS LO167437 2015/10/13 Unknown
TABAC LI0670102 2005/11/15 Unknown
TABACCO DEGLI ELMI LI04109306 CH.RIP 2003/11/02 Unknown
TABACCO DEL ROSSO MALPELO LO1246619 2012/01/30 Unknown
TABASCO LI0754211 2006/10/13 Unknown
TABASCO LO15143277 2015/08/15 Unknown
TABASCO DEL ROSSO MALPELO LI1012014 2009/05/31 Unknown
TABOO CORSO DI MUNTEANU JR 76490 Cc 2014/09/16 Unknown
TABOO DEL DYRIUM LO1684928 2016/04/11 Unknown
TABOR LO1656077 2016/01/31 Unknown
TABOR LO1717957 2016/11/15 Unknown
TABU LO13104072 2013/05/28 Unknown
TABU' LI9859120 1997/08/31 Unknown
TABU' DEI MARTINOTTI LI09102448 2009/01/01 Unknown
TABUK LI0028179 1999/09/06 Unknown
TACITO LI0414788 2003/06/26 Unknown
TACKO LO1620615 2015/12/22 Unknown
TACO LI0715341 2006/07/21 Unknown
TACO AG97L9696 1996/12/05 Unknown
TAEG DEL TARAS TARENTUM LO1743093 2016/12/31 Unknown
TAEGUE DELLA PORTA DIPINTA LI086137 2007/04/07 Unknown
TAF LI0139561 2000/08/22 Unknown
TAFNE LI0863696 2007/03/10 Unknown
TAGA LI0552963 2004/10/19 Unknown
TAGO LI0242518 2001/11/29 Unknown
TAGO LI0028182 1999/09/06 Unknown
TAGO LI0365633 2002/12/16 Unknown
TAGO LI1040660 2009/04/13 Unknown
TAGO DELL'ANTICO CERBERUS LI0552147 2004/11/01 Unknown
TAGO DELL'ANTICO CERBERUS LI09171282 2009/09/26 Unknown
TAHIR LI0028181 1999/09/06 Unknown
TAHIR DEI CONFORTI DI SAVOIA LO13154605 2013/08/26 Unknown
TAHOE CUSTODI NOS JR 81046 Cc, WS43428901 2011/07/29 Unknown
TAHOE DELLA PORTA DIPINTA LI086139 2007/04/07 Unknown
TAIG LI03112239 2003/04/02 Unknown
TAIGA LI0318347 2002/07/11 Unknown
TAIGER AG97L8181 1996/06/22 Unknown
TAIGER DELL'ANTICO CERBERUS LI0062795 1999/11/02 Unknown
TAIGHER LI09129401 2008/10/12 Unknown
TAIGOR LI998695 1998/05/29 Unknown
TAIKO LI0778372 2006/11/15 Unknown
TAILER DELL'ANTICO CERBERUS LI0062797 1999/11/02 Unknown
TAILOR LI10123512 2010/05/04 Unknown
TAIR IZ SOZVEZDIYA ADOMASA RKF 2844681 2009/12/05 Unknown
TAIRO LI09103847 2008/09/20 Unknown
TAIRON LI0824697 2007/05/05 Unknown
TAIRON DI CASA CESARO LI02131496 2002/06/01 Unknown
TAISON LI0577944 2004/12/17 Unknown
TAISON LI98129642 1997/12/04 Unknown
TAISON LI0353962 2002/04/25 Unknown
TAISON LI99203311 1999/07/18 Unknown
TAISON LI04113681 2004/02/14 Unknown
TAISON LI02100585 2001/11/25 Unknown
TAISON AG96L6682 1995/08/20 Unknown
TAISON LI0278291 2002/01/21 Unknown
TAISON LI0277323 2002/02/14 Unknown
TAISON LI0489482 2004/04/07 Unknown
TAISON LI02117620 2002/04/16 Unknown
TAISON LI00129200 2000/03/25 Unknown
TAISON LI01105881 2001/01/07 Unknown
TAISON LI03146055 2003/07/15 Unknown
TAISON LI1029587 2009/12/05 Unknown
TAISON LO131736 2012/10/13 Unknown
TAISON LO1552553 2015/01/20 Unknown
TAISON DELL'ANTELER LI0260954 2001/11/04 Unknown
TAISON DELL'ANTELER LI10154686 2010/07/03 Unknown
TAITA LI01157148 2001/06/02 Unknown
TAITO REGALINO RKF 1876771 2005/12/14 Unknown
TAITU LI0159451 2000/09/01 Unknown
TAJMAHAL LO14169298 2014/09/24 Unknown
TAJO LI0789802 2007/02/14 Unknown
TAJRO DI CASA CESARO LI0950893 2008/04/03 Unknown
TAJSON AG97L8865 1996/04/03 Unknown
TAJSON LI0331147 2002/10/29 Unknown
TAKI LI01109193 2001/01/25 Unknown
TAKO LI0824696 2007/05/05 Unknown
TAKO LO1315786 2012/12/06 Unknown
TAKO GERASSI CORSO ISBR 106076 2008/10/10 Unknown
TALCO LI99175147 1999/05/25 Unknown
TALEB LI01199916 2001/07/15 Unknown
TALEB LI0313688 2002/09/17 Unknown
TALENTO DEL DOMUS VAR LO1721566 2016/11/17 Unknown
TALI DELLA VALLE DEGLI ORSI ALI COR A 4012-15/343 2015/06/06 Unknown
TALISMAN DEL DOMUS VAR LO1721570 2016/11/17 Unknown
TALISMAN DELLA PORTA DIPINTA LI1094379 2009/06/30 Unknown
TALOS LI02139528 2002/02/03 Unknown
TALOS LI11165159 2011/09/18 Unknown
TALOS LI0560661 2004/12/20 Unknown
TALOS LI10194854 2010/05/28 Unknown
TALOS DEI MOLOSSI DELL'ANGRA LO1641338 2015/12/27 Unknown
TAMERLAN DLYA MOEGO LEGIONA RKF 3957566 2014/07/07 Unknown
TAMILCARE AG96L6792 1995/07/15 Unknown
TAMIPU DANSTON RKF 1467166; LŠVK CCI 0006/04 2002/10/11 Unknown
TAMIPU PASHA BLEK KONTEMPORI RKF 1601875; LŠVK CCI 0020/04 2004/07/14 Unknown
TAMTAN LI9859117 1997/08/31 Unknown
TAN LI99176939 1999/06/20 Unknown
TANATOS LO157527 2014/10/08 Unknown
TANCREDI DEL ROSSO MALPELO RKF 3353722, RSR 11/45012 2011/01/18 Unknown
TANCREDI DEL ROSSO MALPELO LI0841471 2007/06/16 Unknown
TANGARI LI038358 2002/08/10 Unknown
TANGH AG95L5430 1995/03/15 Unknown
TANGO LI0366326 2002/12/20 Unknown
TANGO LI10159748 2010/05/14 Unknown
TANGO LI1061062 2010/01/15 Unknown
TANGO LI0178927 2000/10/25 Unknown
TANGO LI0228886 2001/05/29 Unknown
TANGO LI0228941 2001/07/27 Unknown
TANGO LI0287409 2002/04/09 Unknown
TANGO LI0532762 2004/08/25 Unknown
TANGO AG97L8444 1996/08/05 Unknown
TANGO LI9859113 1997/08/31 Unknown
TANGO AG97L9281 1996/10/25 Unknown
TANGO LI03152098 2003/06/29 Unknown
TANGO LI9961030 1997/08/28 Unknown
TANGO LI1015685 2009/10/13 Unknown
TANGO LO1435478 2013/10/13 Unknown
TANGO LO1221956 2011/11/27 Unknown
TANGO LO13152371 2013/08/25 Unknown
TANGO LI1134084 2011/01/17 Unknown
TANGO LO15136188 2015/06/27 Unknown
TANGO LI0774280 2007/02/09 Unknown
TANGO LO1684594 2016/03/30 Unknown
TANGO LO14158652 2014/08/22 Unknown
TANGO LI1061062 2010/01/15 Unknown
TANGO LI09106462 2008/10/02 Unknown
TANGO DEI MOLOSSI DELL'ANGRA LI0552902 2004/10/28 Unknown
TANGO DEI PEASI BASSI NHSB 2725964 2008/10/29 Unknown
TANGO DEL DIRYO LI1118517 2010/11/10 Unknown
TANGO DEL ROSSO MALPELO LI0971259 2008/08/11 Unknown
TANGO DELL'ANTICO CERBERUS LI0984379 2008/10/12 Unknown
TANGO DELL'ANTICO CERBERUS LI09171286 2009/09/26 Unknown
TANGO DELL'APPIO LI08112036 2007/11/25 Unknown
TANGO DI CASA LEONE LO1428586 2013/12/05 Unknown
TANGO DI CASTELL'ANSELMO LO1278555 2012/04/05 Unknown
TANGO DI FOSSO CORNO LI06124266 2006/05/23 Unknown
TANGO GERASSI CORSO ISBR 110390 2011/06/14 Unknown
TANGO' LI0444251 2002/10/03 Unknown
TANIA DEL ROSSO MALPELO LI0971263 2008/08/11 Unknown
TANIS DEL ROSSO MALPELO LI0944218 2008/05/30 Unknown
TANK NHSB 2688532 2008/01/07 Unknown
TANK DEI PAESI BASSI NHSB 2494325 2004/02/15 Unknown
TANNO CORSO DI MUNTEANU JR 76491 Cc 2014/09/16 Unknown
TANO LI0198074 2001/01/21 Unknown
TANO LI0253370 2001/12/10 Unknown
TANO LI03122661 2003/04/26 Unknown
TANO LI0036378 1999/10/25 Unknown
TANO LI0159454 2000/09/01 Unknown
TANO LI01191818 2001/08/01 Unknown
TANO AG97L8182 1996/06/22 Unknown
TANO LI01115149 2000/12/19 Unknown
TANO LI0193939 2000/11/12 Unknown
TANO LI01125347 2001/04/02 Unknown
TANO LI0868742 2007/08/01 Unknown
TANO LI0049179 1999/11/02 Unknown
TANO LI0368464 2002/12/01 Unknown
TANO AG97L9215 1996/09/30 Unknown
TANO AG97L9656 1996/12/25 Unknown
TANO LI0655319 2005/10/13 Unknown
TANO LO13128975 2013/07/08 Unknown
TANO DEI MARTINOTTI LI09102449 2009/01/01 Unknown
TANO DEI MARTINOTTI LO1492505 2014/04/25 Unknown
TANO DEI MOLOSSI DELL'ANGRA LI0661641 2005/11/21 Unknown
TANO DELL'ANTICO CERBERUS LI0984381 2008/10/12 Unknown
TANO DI CASTELL'ANSELMO LO16171191 2016/08/11 Unknown
TANQUE DELLA PORTA DIPINTA LI1094381 2009/06/30 Unknown
TANQUERAY LI0852224 2007/05/25 Unknown
TANTALO DI CASTELL'ANSELMO LO15126419 2015/08/10 Unknown
TANTER LI02139728 2002/06/26 Unknown
TANUS LI02161135 2002/03/02 Unknown
TANUZZU LO15146826 2015/07/17 Unknown
TAO LI0436443 2003/11/10 Unknown
TAO LI99114622 1999/01/02 Unknown
TAO LI0540449 2004/09/21 Unknown
TAO LI0227702 2001/05/18 Unknown
TAO LO1331540 2012/12/10 Unknown
TAPIA'S ROMEO ICCF 0501043 / AKC-FSS WS21444601 2005/07/13 Unknown
TAPPO LI087235 2007/05/04 Unknown
TAPSO LI0159448 2000/09/01 Unknown
TAR LI032357 2002/07/04 Unknown
TARA LI0267887 2001/11/30 Unknown
TARABAS LI0458828, RKF 1756863 2003/12/24 Unknown
TARABAS LI0560612 2004/12/18 Unknown
TARABAS DEI PELIGNI LO1590003 2015/04/13 Unknown
TARAM 2358123 2001/05/13 Unknown
TARAS LI0365630 2002/12/16 Unknown
TARAS DEI PELIGNI LO15158916 2015/08/08 Unknown
TARCHUNS LO17186554 2017/09/15 Unknown
TARDIF LI0159456 2000/09/01 Unknown
TAREK NHSB 2513951 2004/06/19 Unknown
TARI LI01169413 2001/06/13 Unknown
TARIBO LI0043212 1999/10/07 Unknown
TARIBO DEI CORSI DELLA VALMOREA LO1262204 2012/03/03 Unknown
TARIBO DEI MOLOSSI DELL'ANGRA LI0631942 2005/05/03 Unknown
TARIBO DELLA NEVAIA LI08119351 2007/12/12 Unknown
TARIK NHSB 2823935 2010-12-16 Unknown
TARIK LI0162328 2000/11/12 Unknown
TARIK DEI PAESI BASSI NHSB 2469329 2003/08/23 Unknown
TARINDO DEI MOLOSSI DELL'ANGRA LI10191792 2010/03/03 Unknown
TARIS LI0159452 2000/09/01 Unknown
TARIS DELL'ANTICO CERBERUS LI0326966 2002/09/28 Unknown
TARIS DELL'ANTICO CERBERUS LI0479676 2004/01/02 Unknown
TARK DEL ROSSO MALPELO LI0944213 2008/05/30 Unknown
TARKO NHSB 2669433 2007/08/17 Unknown
TARMASTY DEIMUS DONAR EST-03236/08 2008/08/09 Unknown
TARMASTY EFART DIALLO EST-03717/07 2007/10/08 Unknown
TARMASTY ELVIS MANCELLO EST-03716/07 2007/10/08 Unknown
TARMASTY HADES DIABLO EST-03235/08 2008/08/09 Unknown
TARMASTY RINGO STORM EST04067/09; FI54277/10 2009/11/01 Unknown
TARMASTY TIMOTHY STAR EST04065/09; FI23797/10 2009/11/01 Unknown
TARO LI9898606 1997/10/08 Unknown
TARO LI0047346 1999/11/10 Unknown
TARO LI01205210 2001/08/27 Unknown
TARO LI0364568 2003/01/17 Unknown
TARO LI03152728 2003/05/17 Unknown
TARO LI0360031 2003/01/12 Unknown
TARO DI CASA MATTIA LI0795426 2006/10/27 Unknown
TARO PAMELA'S HOEVE NHSB 2863088 2011/11/30 Unknown
TARON NHSB 2669430 2007/08/17 Unknown
TARON LO15143276 2015/08/15 Unknown
TARON LI10180653 2010/08/05 Unknown
TARON DELLA PORTA DIPINTA LI1094378 2009/06/30 Unknown
TAROT LI0278289 2002/01/21 Unknown
TARQEQ DEI PAESI BASSI NHSB 2455725 2003/05/20 Unknown
TARQUIGNO LI0165334 2000/05/21 Unknown
TARQUINIO LI03124368 2003/06/20 Unknown
TARQUINIO LO1565187 2015/02/08 Unknown
TARQUINIO DI PAIANELLO LO1429228 2013/12/07 Unknown
TARQUINIO IL SUPERBO LI08148193 2008/01/24 Unknown
TARQUINO DEL BR COHORS RJG/05/00097 Y.Br.Ch 2005/02/14 Unknown
TARS LI0113961 2000/06/12 Unknown
TARSO LI03105734 2003/04/02 Unknown
TARTAN LI0594392 2005/03/18 Unknown
TARUS "CUSTO DI NOS" JR 76735 CC J.Ch.PL 2014/08/15 Unknown
TARY DEI MOLOSSI DELL'ANGRA LI10191789 2010/03/03 Unknown
TARZAN 0017 Unknown
TARZAN NHSB 2500541 2004/03/26 Unknown
TARZAN LI98113439 1997/12/29 Unknown
TARZAN LI0278297 2002/01/19 Unknown
TASCO DEI PAESI BASSI NHSB 2725966 2008/10/29 Unknown
TASLAN LO1627461 Ch. It 2015/12/01 Unknown
TAT DI CASA CESARO LI10105441 2009/06/28 Unknown
TATANKA LO1461153 2014/02/16 Unknown
TATANKA DEL DOMUS VAR LO1721563 2016/11/17 Unknown
TATO LI9951080 1998/06/06 Unknown
TATO LI04121529 2004/03/30 Unknown
TATO DELL'ANTICO CERBERUS LI0031709 1999/07/12 Unknown
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